HERE'S THE STORY.....              
In the summer of 2009, my phone rang and I heard my
sister's voice on the other end say,
"Hey Coll, wanna buy a Scrapbook Store". 
                         That's where it all began.  A few days later, we were in business.
I've heard from countless people, "working with family has to be tough" or "I could never work with my sister".  But for us, it was a dream come true.  Spending time together is something we've always enjoyed.  Ever since the day I can home from the hospital and Nora Anne asked our Mom if my crib could be in her room.  Before long, she was sneaking in there to sleep next to me. We've been close ever since.
So, buying this store was sudden and out of the blue, but 7 months later, we are happy and learning new things every day. 
 We look forward to many years of creating, crafting, and laughing with each one of you. We love sharing your photos and helping you to make them into treasured memories. 
xx- Colleen and Nora Anne
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